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Our Services

Our Clients

We work for independent owner-operators of self storage locations across the United States.


Some clients are growing too fast and need additional resources in order to maintain profitability through their period of expansion:


A significant number of our clients turn to us after a drop in occupancy.


Some business professionals seek us out to obtain advice regarding the self storage industry and how they can best add value to their current real estate portfolio with self storage development.

Service Areas and Demographics

S3 serves clients in all regions in the United States.  Our team has experienced the most success in:


  • Secondary Markets

  • College Towns

  • Suburban Communities

  • Recreation & Travel Areas

  • Vacation Destinations

  • Metropolitan Districts

Each self storage operation possesses unique characteristics that are instrumental to the continual growth of its business. We work with facility owners to form an individualized plan of action to amplify each location's outstanding effects, while rehabilitating policies and procedures that are functioning as liabilities.

Property Management

Property Managment

Self Storage has changed a lot in the last ten years. The target customer for most facilities is different from who it was in 2010. In order to remain successful in the new market, it is time to accept the drastic shifts in how we manage self storage.

Modernizing self storage locations in the United States is how Self Storage Science got its start. It's what we do best! Check out our services below for more information on how we can help you achieve your storage goals.

Self Storage Science works to provide industry best standards when operating your facility.  The staff is trained to provide exceptional customer service to your customers while our administrative team handles rate management, auctions, and marketing while supervising the staff.

Our goal is to increase revenue and lower expenses so you’ll recognize an increase in your NOI right away.



Can you think back to a time when one of your customers was less than satisfied? What caused their negative response? Often customers are unsatisfied with their experience because their expectations of what it will be like to store with your business aren't quite accurate. Maybe people come in looking for Climate Controlled or Air Conditioned Storage, but your business specializes in Boat & RV and Drive Up Storage. Maybe customers aren’t showing up to rent from you at all.

Self Storage Science offers a marketing service plan designed to increase your market reach, define your company image, and influence consumers to show up fast and store with YOU! Our comprehensive marketing strategy includes:

  • Grass Roots Campaigning

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital & Print Design

  • Website Building

  • Website Maintenance

  • Blogging

  • Copywriting

  • Site Photography & Video

Business owners who struggle with their occupancy rates report profitable benefits from the marketing strategies drafted and implemented by Self Storage Science. Please contact us today to explore our services.

Facility Operations


Self Storage has consistently reported as one of the fastest growing and largest grossing industries in the United States. Such promising odds for revenue attracts a lot of new investors, and, in turn, uncertainty. Managing a successful storage facility in an acutely competitive market can be unrealistic for business owners attempting the task alone.

Self Storage Science provides facility operations services to clients seeking relief from the chaos. We believe in cooperative action to keep your storage facility ahead of the competition. Our systems services embrace new developments in Self Storage to edify a relationship with the changing market. The mission is to help small businesses persevere through volatile industry shifts resulting from technology, work, and life in the millennial era.

The storage experts at Self Storage Science work together to manage your storage facility as if it was their own. Here is a short list of our property management services:

Day to Day Operations:

  • Daily problem-solving and overall staff management

  • Revenue management

  • Monthly property audits

  • Facility maintenance

  • Negotiations and vendor management

  • Lien Sale execution

  • IT support

Accounting Services:

  • Annual Operations Expense Budget and Income Forecast

  • Monthly Financial Statements

  • General ledger maintenance, review, and analysis

  • Monthly bank reconciliations

  • Full cycle accounts payable utilizing paperless system

  • Payroll services

  • Sales tax filings

  • Coordination of property tax payments and appeals

  • Insurance renewals

Facility Auditing


Self Storage Science has developed a go to formula for operating successful storage locations. We know the industry well. That’s why we call it science. A key component to this prosperity is to perform regular facility audits. Facility owners are obligated to ensure the policies and procedures are being carried out by facility staff.

Performing monthly, quarterly, or biannual audits can help identify areas of concern in your company. Self Storage Science provides third party auditing to eliminate conflict of interest, prejudicial screening, and incomplete analysis.

We know each facility is different, so we work with the owner to develop an audit sheet before arrival at your location.

Examples of items we can inspect:

  • Concrete

  • Staff Demeanor

  • Technology

  • Office

  • Restrooms

  • Rental Procedure

  • Staff Knowledge

  • Pricing

  • Customer Service

  • Unit Counts

  • Grounds Maintenance

Facilities managed by Self Storage Science benefit from regular auditing to protect the investments of each client. The audits take several hours. We look for maintenance and safety issues, count cash on hand, review refund and credits issue reports, and check leases, in addition to many more vital areas of self storage operations.

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Empower Your Business

Often times we see managers “controlling” owners because they are simply more knowledgeable about self storage operations. Owners do not want to upset the manager, in fear of the manager resigning. Ironically, the company, itself, suffers. Audit services teach the investor how to get the results they want from their team by asking the appropriate set of questions.

Self Storage owners who lack a property management company will benefit greatly from frequent audits. It is crucial to identify methods to improve a business when placed at a disadvantage due to a lack of resources when compared to competing locations.


Expand your Resources and Take on the Competition

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